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ESHRE Psychosocial Care Guidelines – Japanese Edition

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It is a great pleasure for Japan Society for Reproductive Psychology to announce the completion of the translation of ESHRE Psychosocial Care Guidelines into Japanese. I sincerely appreciate the efforts of Dr. Tomoe Koizumi and the other members of JSRP involved in this project. I also express our gratitude on behalf of the Japan Society for Reproductive Psychology to the board members of ESHRE for granting their permission for the translation.

Patients undergoing infertility treatment are exposed to tremendous stress and they need psychosocial care to cope with it. These guidelines will equip the medical staff with the knowledge required to recognize patients’ needs and their care.

I hope psychosocial specialists will use these guidelines to help patients struggling with mental stress during infertility treatment.

Yoshiharu Morimoto, MD, Ph.D
Japan Society for Reproductive Psychology